Friday, April 16, 2010

Monday, September 7, 2009

Holidays Assignments

I'm not very satisfied with my work, i think i need more improvement...
I've try my best but sometimes still get this result
I'll pay more effort on it! keep it up! ^-^

This is work haven't finish yet! haha

What do you think? Please give me some comment, thx

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

My Presentation Day

Vincent birthday party

the most handsome inside the picture is me!

Let me show u....
-------- HORRIBLE ------
after that, i become a "mummy" three month!!! I'm such a pity guy... always get bully... I'm pure , clever and good looking but this is inborn "talent"...not my fault...(emo)... ^-^ V

This is E2 class photo...
I'm very happy that i can join E2 because my class is more beauty that E1
(i mean girl quantity not quality)

Here again... in the picture you can see that how violent they're

In the picture also view that all the boys are envy me and try to "kill" me and most of the girl is "lend me a hand" .

After the photo, i going to give each of them
a signature at the photo but they're a bit nervous and shy to accept...
i strongly felt that...
so i didn't force them...

Some of the beauty also envy me...see, when taking the picture they purposely block me and stand in front. But I'm a very kind, mature, understanding, perfect, professional, superb, fantastic, excellent man.
So, I'll forgive them ^-^

(A little joke, and i hope every reader will enjoys it... Fill the happiness in your life and have a nice day.) 版权所有


This piece is my holidays assignment... the most satisfied...

Zen Design ( Zen, childlike, luxury, classical)

My first and last drawing in sem1

(First picture*)

This is my first drawing before the lesson!


This 2 is same picture but i focus on the basket.

My "not bad" Figure

My Design work....Diary

The picture is for photo, and the center part is for writer to write the diary. This kind of diary is for something special like a travel, birthday party... something unforgetable...

Medikin figure